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What is Christianity?

Christianity essentially is the name of the movement of people who follow Jesus.

Ok, but what does that really mean?

We believe that Jesus was the Son of God, sent by God to set us free from the sin (all the wrong that we do that separates us from God) by dying on the cross. We believe that by doing just that, and rising to life 3 days later, he gives us all the chance to be forgiven and start afresh. We try to live lives that follow what he said and did.

I’m a Christian, but why should I bother to belong to a church?

While its true that to be a Christian you don’t have to go to church, it is nigh on impossible to survive as one without others around you. We believe that its important to spend time worshipping God (basically giving him the glory that we believe He deserves), its important to grow in relationship with God and each other, and its important to put others before yourself. All of these things are very difficult to do on your own, and much better to get from belonging to a church which ultimately functions like a family – where we look out for each other, and help each other to grow.

Why is it called soul connect?

What we’re trying to do with Soul connect is provide something that will help young people to connect with each other, and ensure that their souls are fed with good nourishing fare!


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