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PCC (Parochial Church Council)

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is an official, partly-elected team that shares leadership responsibility for the Parish with its Incumbent (Vicar). At St Paul's, the PCC usually meets for business six times a year. A sub-group of the PCC (the PCC Executive team) incorporates the Standing Committee. This meets at regular times throughout the year in addition to the PCC meetings, it plans the agenda and work of the PCC and handles urgent matters between main meetings. The PCC Executive team is accountable to the PCC.
The PCC Secretary is Alison Everness.
Membership of the PCC
The PCC is comprised of ex-officio, elected and co-opted members. Elected members serve a 3-year term. For details of the current PCC membership click on the following image:
PCC 2017-2018 v1
APCM and Elections
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) takes place each April. APCM 2015 IMG5484 crop docIn 2017 the APCM was held on the evening of Thursday 27th April. At the APCM we receive reports on the life of the church and elect new PCC members for the coming 3 years.
Each year church family members are encouraged prayerfully to consider nominations for our PCC representatives and to discuss this possibility with them.
At the 2017 APCM we also elected Deanery Synod representatives to serve for a 3-year term from 2017 to 2020.
Candidates for election to the PCC or Deanery Synod must be nominated by members of the Electoral Roll and must themselves:
  • be on the Electoral Roll and, if 18 or over, have been so for at least the preceding 6 months;
  • be a communicant;
  • not be disqualified from acting as a charity trustee.

Annual Report & Financial Statement
The Annual Report and Financial Statement for 2016 was prepared ready for the 2017 APCM and is available here. A reference copy is also available to be viewed at the church.

PCC Meeting Minutes 
The following minutes from recent PCC meetings are available for reference. Minutes are formally approved at the following full business meeting.  


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